Which Express is faster ?

        Which Express is faster, Limited-Express, Express, Semi-express, or Rapid-Express ?

You will find several kinds of trains on the same line in Japan. Some require you to pay extra fee but others do not.

For example, in Odakyu-line, which takes you to Hakone and Enoshima (near Kamakura), the Limited Express, Romance Car, is the fastest and needs extra fee in addition to the basic fare. In contrast, Limited-Express, Express, Semi-express, Rapid-express, and Local don’t need extra fee. But which is faster? The answer is Rapid-Express. So please make sure you take Rapid-Express or Romance Car, if you go to Hakone or Enoshima in a hurry. 

       Like Odakuyu-line, other lines also have several kinds of trains. But if you have no idea which is faster, Express, in general, is faster than others.