Railway Museum ( Saitama city, Japan )

   Railways are the most essential public transportation in Japan for both travelers and local residents. In Saitama city, a suburban city of Tokyo, you can see the history of the railways in Japan.

   They exhibit used train cars, ranging from a steam locomotive to a Shinkansen Bullet train. It is possible to go into some of them. 

   The museum used to be located near Akihabara, and moved to the current place. Although it is not so conveniently located, a little bit away from Tokyo, you can enjoy traveling to the museum by train. It takes about one hour from Shinjyuku, Tokyo. 



Tesudo-Hakubutsu Kan station, where you can find English signs, the Railway Museum,  on New Shuttle line.

The station is one station, three minutes, from JR Oomiya station.  


JR Omiya station

( JR : Saikyo line, Keihin tohoku like, Utsunomiya line, Takasahi line, Shonan-SHinjyuku line and Ueno Tokyo-line)