Narita San temple, located near Narita Airport.

What occurs to you when you heard the name of a place, Narita?


Needless to say, it reminds you of Narita International Airport. But Narita city is originally famous for a temple, Narita San temple.


The temple is the headquarters of an Esoteric Buddhism school. Its principle object of worship, Fudomyo-ou statue was moved from Kyoto to the place in order to put down a  revolt in the first century. Actually the temple is close to Narita Airport, and you can visit it when you have some time before your departure.



Narita station(KS 40)  on Keisei line, which is one station away from Narita Airport Terminal2-3 station(KS41) and two stations away from Narita Airport Terminal 1 station (KS42).

It takes 8 minutes from Narita Airport Terminal2-3 station(KS41) to Narita station(KS40).

A ten-minute walk takes you to the temple from Narita station.